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Creating a permanent Moon base.

Technology and innovation continue apace and the idea of manned lunar base is far from dead

On average, the Moon is 384,400 kilometres (239,000 miles) away from us, and is a mere hop away compared to the rest of the major objects in our Solar System. Yet, even after landing on its surface in 1969 the dream of establishing a permanent base there has so far eluded us.

The idea of a permanent base was proposed during the Cold War, when the US Army Ballistic Missile Agency envisaged creating a 12-man military outpost that would be protected by missiles and

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Total tend to develop into quality. If you start from this axiom, the Sorolla has long had to be the highest quality car in the world. However, all kinds of European and transatlantic rankings only confirm this theory.

But there is a downside: the most popular have to run faster than anyone, and at least one step ahead of the others, or not to retain leadership. Previous Sorolla has long been customary to average car, which is not much different from all the others. A new, eleventh generation is simply obliged to change the situation.

It looks new SogoPa perhaps even defiantly, with the claim. And look how grown! She * 80 mm longer than its former self, 15 mm wider, and the base is increased by as much as 100 mm! Because so roomy in the back

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This scheme is ideal for hibernating in this season, so snuggle up and we’ll show you how to copy the look

How do I choose which colours?

The colour palette is essential in bringing the modern country look together Shades of moss green, rich reds and russets with claret or earthy tones will bring in the country element, or dip into more modern colour tones with greys, yellows and neutrals for a contemporary celebration. The grey tone is what will give the look a steely and industrial edge and move it away from country

Where do I start with wallpaper?

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Energy Cocktail with green tea.

For 1 serving

400 g of fresh pineapple

1 ch.l.chaya match (matcha)

200 ml of skimmed milk

1 scoop vanilla protein shake powder

In one portion

237 kcal

22.1 g protein

27.7 g carbohydrates

21.6 grams of sugar

4.4 g fat

1.1 g saturated fat

Drink this cocktail before exercise for optimal weight loss. Green tea is rich in antioxidants catechins, which, according to published in the American Journal of Critical Nutrition information, among other things diligently destroy abdominal fat — the one that’s on your belly. To do this, you’ll need a cocktail powdered tea of ​​the match

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Create stunning watercolours

Use a combination of custom brushes, clever techniques and blend modes to achieve a realistic digital watercolour effect

Using watercolour in real media can be a creative expression of shape and colour. The water-based properties of the paint allow it to soak into the canvas and blend with other colours in a way that creates beautiful and vibrant paintings. Splattering the paint can produce particularly enjoyable and unexpected results.

Creating the same effects digitally can be somewhat challenging. The math-ruled world of computer processors prefers order over chaos. This makes the production of the barely controlled watercolour splash effects alien

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When people talk about kokkomikoze, it usually meant danger, yet little-known growers of the USSR, the disease of ordinary cherry. But this illness are subject to other types of cherries — magalebskaya, Pennsylvania and Japanese, as well as plum, plum, apricot.

This disease was first discovered in the cherry orchards of Sweden in 1884. Kokkomikoz now spread to the United States and Western European countries with a relatively humid climate. In the Soviet Union in recent years has developed kokkomikoz cherries in Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Kaliningrad region. The disease was obnaruzhena- in 1962 in the Moscow region.


Create Custom Drum Loops

Use DM1 to compose thumping beats to add to your GarageBand songs

For anyone interested in making music, there’s never been a better time to delve into technology. Music-creation software can be absurdly cheap, and will give you pretty much limitless scope in terms of instruments and atmosphere. One of our favorite apps is DM1, a drum machine that includes dozens of drum kits, from classic sounds through to extreme electronics. The app can be used as a sequencer, letting you put together entire rhythm tracks, but it’s better used as a tool for creating loops that can subsequently be

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Trump «Six»

The new «Mazda-6» for the Japanese brand has become something more than just the next generation of the popular model. No class having a solid exterior and rich inner world, this comfortable and economical car was full of new for herself virtues. And, of course, it must be noted that the «Mazda» suddenly blossomed and turned out pretty simpleton in the writings of beauty! And fans of the «six», came out of the gloom, again ready to raise his passion on a pedestal of success where she could finally push apart leaders.

Chances of success

Having loved this present

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Create a stylised portrait

Shoot a fun portrait in your back garden, and turn a rainy backdrop into a shimmering blur with beautiful bokeh

Shooting fashion portraits doesn’t always require a studio setup with complex and costly lighting setups. You can capture fun and stylish portraits like ours in your back garden with just a couple of simple props. Although you’ll be using flash to light your portrait, the setup is simple and you’ll only need one flashgun if your D-SLR has an on-camera flash. We’ll be lighting our model’s head and shoulders with our pop-up flash, which will also send a signal to

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Peel the apples: to eat or not to eat?

As you know, allergy can occur as a response to different foods, vegetables, fruits. Biochemists have shown that apples contain a certain amount of allergens. And brightly colored fruits contain more of them compared to the green. Sometimes, in order to prevent allergies, doctors recommend to use food only green apples, and grown in the area of ​​residence. Given that allergenic substances are contained in colored fruits in the skin, the easiest way to get rid of them by clearing off. Incidentally, abroad and received, and not only because of the allergens. In carrying out the chemical treatments in violation

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