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Fespa-2013: больше латекса, меньше ПВХ

Мода на латекс

Усилия, которые HP направляет на продвижение технологии печати латексными чернилами, не остались незамеченными конкурентами. Один за другим появляются «клоны» чернил и принтеров, общей характерной чертой которых является слово Latex в названии. «Раз слово не запатентовано, но раскручено, почему бы его не использовать?» — видимо, так рассуждают поставщики альтернативных латексных решений. В итоге слово «латексные» прочно заняло своё место в ряду «водные, сольвентные, экосольвентные, УФ-отверждаемые» и т. п. — как признак классификации типов чернил и принтеров, а не фирменный бренд.

Первым производителем, наладившим серийный выпуск альтернативных латексных чернил и принтеров, стала Mimaki. К выставке подготовили улучшенную версию латексных

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«Dependencies» which discovered the man today is enormous. Traditionally, alcohol, nicotine or drugs is no surprise. Whether it shopogolizm, Internet addiction, workaholism, gaming, religion, food, drug addiction, or even sports. Needless to say, choose on taste. And this is not the limit. Every day mankind learns about all the new types of addictive behavior. That and look, you will be dependent on looking out of the window, or stroking a cat on the back. But, paradoxically, all these «addictions» are taking place. But almost in the medical, mental level, rather on the psychological, which are placed at the forefront

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A new impetus to the development of the trade network SCHLZ

The Conference of the trading houses of «Scherbinsky Lift Plant»

Across Russia — from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok — ive CIS stretched network of trading houses Scherbinsky Elevator Plant. More than 10 years of sales representatives have successfully marketed handling equipment production of «SCHLZ.» In addition, many trading houses in tandem with service centers SCHLZ perform installation and warranty service maintenance-set of elevators, having all the nomenclature of necessary spare parts and qualified specialists capable of promptly eliminate failures in the elevators.

January 28 Director SCHLZ trading houses gathered in the suburban «Imperial Park Hotel» to a traditional conference to

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Ferries in the news

BERGENSFJORD • The Fjord Line vessel, once on Harwich-Cuxhaven service as Duchess of Scandinavia for DFDS, goes to STX Rauma at the end of the year for a four-month, €30 million conversion from night to day ferry before opening a Stromstad-Sandefjord service.

FILIPPOS • It was reported by Optima that Filippos has been sold to Turkish breakers after a 40-year career as a freight ro-ro. The vessel worked on the North Sea as Tor Dania and Tor Hollandia for Tor Line and then DFDS. One of a series of ten 1,515-lane-metre vessels built at the Framnaes yard in Sandefjord, Norway,

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New thrower

The company Nitro Nobel (Sweden) began selling the device to release the air flying targets (cymbals), manufactured from a mixture of coal tar pitch, chalk and cement. These devices are called «Gittorp-Trap-o-matic.» The device has a disc magazine carousel that can accommodate seven stacks with targets of 50 pieces in each — only 350 pieces of the target. All operations are automated propelling device: arming of the blade, its operation, setting targets on the blade, turn the store after consuming the targets in one of the stacks, the installation angle of emission targets in the horizontal and vertical planes

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The new European safety standard escalators and passenger conveyors

Information of the Technical Committee for Standardization TC 209 «Lifts, escalators, passenger conveyors and lifting platforms for people with disabilities»

May 29, 2008 by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) approved a new European standard «Safety of escalators and moving walks — Part 1: Units and installations» EN 115-1: 2008. The document, prepared by the Technical Committee CEN / TC 10 «Lifts, escalators and passenger conveyors», from December 2009 to replace standard EN 115: 1995, well known in Russia by adapting it «Recommendation on the design and installation of floor escalators and passenger conveyors» RD 10-172-97 Gosgortechnadzor Russia.

The standard

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FENDER Standard Stratocaster Plus Top

A new Strat is always a cause for celebration, especially when the price is right – and this, the latest Mexican offering, is a bit of a looker too. Review by Marcus Leadley.

Back in the spring at MusikMesse in Frankfurt, Fender launched a bunch of new Mexican-built Strats. Nothing especially new about this, but this time the tweaks are at the top end of the range. As well as a couple of nitro-finished models with vintage specs there’s this month’s review subject, the Standard Stratocaster Plus Top.

Plus Top, of course, means flamed maple. Leo Fender’s traditional choice of

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The New Testament long enough working capital to the metal scene, and thus heard about them almost everything. Plus, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the founder and inspirer of the New Testament — the singer Vyacheslav Gorbachev before the foundation of the Covenant had behind him a rich experience. At first, he walked through the underground with The Taming of Mars, then played in the band, Alexander Nevsky. After the era of the New Testament. Currently, in addition to Gorbachev’s group includes drummer Alexander Medovkin, guitarist and bassist Vitaly Volkov Sergey Skripnikov.

From the

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Feedle vs. DiggReader


When Google decided to pull the plug on its popular news reader, millions of users were left in a state of shock. The service they relied on to deliver their headlines and content since its 2005 launch came to an end on July 1, leaving a gaping hole in the market. However, with plenty of alternative RSS readers out there, it’s fair to say users won’t be stuck when it comes to choice. Feedly and Digg Reader are the two services that are in prime position to wear the vacated crown, but which one is the best

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A new look at the deep Krenken.

Among all the little crankbaits stand out Krenken — active bait with a very own game. They deserve the people’s love and acceptance is for ease of use and ability to catch the predator on the most primitive wiring — uniform. No wonder the US called them a bit rude idiot baits, as they work well and are caught in a dull ravnomerke, ie they do not need to revive especially wise, and lead only to throw a wobbler, monotone rotating reel handle.

Originally it developed so that the most popular for fishing vzabros our spinnings shallow and sverhmelkovodnye

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