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The gods of ancient Greece

The most famous and celebrated gods and heroes is rightly famous for ancient Greece. It is unlikely that there will be someone who has ever heard of Mount Olympus and the Greek gods. Greek deities are quite different from today's view of God. They are very similar to humans, they are not alien to the human passions and feelings.

Despite the fact that the gods of the ancient Greeks were a great many traditionally allocate 12 major gods, seated on the highest mountain — Mount Olympus, each responsible for a

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In Navahrudak razreklyamavali Godfather

Society Today, all the advertising pillars and billboards of leaflets appeared with the words: "Godfather" on NTV must see! "The action was held members of the unregistered Belarusian Christian Democracy party and activists of the" Young Front ".

Under the leaflets were left discs with recordings of the movie "The Godfather," which told about the mysterious death of Deputy Speaker Supreme Council Belarus Gennady Karpenko, the disappearance of the former Minister of Interior Yuri Zakharenko, deputy speaker Supreme Council, former head of the Central Election Commission of Viktor Gonchar, journalist Dmitry Zavadsky, a businessman and public figure Anatol Krasowski.

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Tablets of the Tabernacle

The fact that the tabernacle of Moses served as a vehicle for two-way communication (with God), the text is mentioned many times. To contact Moses at a certain time would enter into the Holy of Holies and the Ark to become near, above the cover of which between the two figures of cherubim appeared image of God and hear His voice.

The most important part of the biblical wireless device is undoubtedly the stone tablets — two tables of stone, which Moses had a ready-made from the hands of God,

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Monotheistic religions

In the religions of other types (they include three major world religions — Christianity, Judaism and Islam) worship the gods of the human form, which is in heaven, in the past, went down to the ground, and then flew back, promising to return in the future.

These religions are monotheistic, that is, to those where it is one God. But if you, dear reader, think that, for example, the Jewish religion has always been monotheistic, then you would not hurt to get acquainted with some of the early texts of the religion. There you

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Liabedzka Movie NTV: Grenade trench in the Belarusian authorities

Society What consequences will the show on channel NTV antilukashenkovskogo the movie "The Godfather"? The film, which by satellite and the Internet have already seen thousands of Belarusians who continue to comment on prominent politicians.

Several well-known Belarusian politicians were interviewed by the filmmakers 'Godfather'. Among them — the leader of the party created "Narodnaya Gromada" Statkevich. According to him Statkevich, there is video murder of Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar and Anatoly Krasovsky. It was taken on the orders of those who ordered the kidnapping these people:

"As far as I know, at the time of his arrest

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Apocalypse — our past?

Revelation of John the Theologian is positioned in the Bible as that which "should be." But if you, dear seeker of truth since you are reading these things))), read it carefully and compare it with the ancient Sumerian poem about the creation of the world (Acts of the Gods), and will take into consideration that the Bible repeatedly rewritten and is available to us in a distorted form, you will see that it is the same story, written in different words, and where the characters have different names. So what's the story? Beginning or the end of our

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The biblical God is who He is?

Go to the Bible can be treated in different ways, but we can not remain indifferent. Some it is simply inspiring, for others — a source of doctrine, third beckons with its mystery and a desire to unravel all its mysteries. Perhaps it is — the only book which has reached us, which opens lengthy dialogues between man and God, represented in it by the Creator and the Creator of the Universe.


Want to go to a warmer climate for the winter, for example in Bali? Then, send

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Strange to say, the Emperors with a nearby star watch online

December 1880. British archaeologist conducting excavations near Baghdad. In the district of Abu mound Hubba attracts the attention of archaeologists unusual building — the space in which placed 300 rooms. And here is the property of the priests and the royal apartments. Not establish that it is a cult temple of the sun god Shamash old Sumerians. But see the details of the temple is unrealistic. The Sanctuary absolutely covered with clay and sand. Then the excavation entice the local population. Coming soon to the archaeologist gets hold of a clay tablet, which depicts an old story: the Sun

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Why would God our prayers?

Scientists are not too far advanced in the study of the human brain, the more they themselves use no more than 7% of their brains. But something still we got out of this area of knowledge.

Changing the state of a person in prayer quite clearly recorded with modern instruments. Employees Psychoneurological Research Institute. VMBekhterev tried to record the electroencephalogram (EEG) worshipers students of the Theological Academy and Seminary. They were shocked by what we found. Biorhythms of the brain during prayer have changed significantly, the brain began to radiate predominantly delta rhythms with a frequency of 2-3

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Live theme. Fungal invasion watch online

The Greeks called them the "food of the gods", and the ancient Chinese philosophers "food geniuses," The Egyptians called the "gods of death" and the ancient Slavs were considered "werewolves." This fungus. Biologists are lost in conjectures which class to rank them: to the plants or to animals. They are and develop according to its own laws incomprehensible science, and their structure is fundamentally different from all other terrestrial organisms. Recent studies substantiate: Mushrooms can be reasonable. But where did they come from, in essence, what is their furtive mission on our planet?

Food and products

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