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Thor and Loki

Of the twelve gods, Odin others, the most courageous and respected by people was the god Thor. It was huge, like a giant and a red beard. With an always wore his hammer, which has forged himself. With this hammer he was invincible and could shoot lightning.

Giants, warring with the gods feared the God of Thunder Thor with his hammer, and all the while trying to steal it. But the hammer of Thor was the one feature he always returned to his master, as the Giants would not have

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Food of the Gods. Aired on 26.02.2013. Online

Watch Food of the Gods. Aired on 26.02.2013

"Food of the Gods" — a fascinating journey into the world of ancient cooking, flavored with vivid scenes making of "divine food" and episodes of the latest discoveries of scientists. "Food of the Gods" will entice even the most sophisticated inhabitant metropolis … you know where we come to the corn, cocoa, wheat, dates, tomatoes? What are they in their DNA? Where on earth were the seeds of grain? Vegetarianism — a legacy of the ancient or fashion of the day? From then prepare an elixir of

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Gates in a parallel world

"All for You", 05.03.2003, Tomsk, n349, p.25

Author: Michael Rechkin

The ancient temple of the god-monkey hidden under the ground near the Siberian village Okunevo — a well-known prophet in India Sai Baba. Russian researchers of anomalous phenomena are also confident that there is located "sacred place" — the secret gateway to parallel worlds. However, scientists from the official science, in response to these allegations ironic shrug. Who is right?

Those who come here with the desire to see a miracle, are often disappointed. Perch — seemingly ordinary village. Is true, it is in a beautiful location — on

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Mysterious creatures — Harpy

Harpies, according to the legends of Greek mythology, were the daughters of the sea god Tavmanta and Electra — the daughter of Ocean and Tethys. There were several and they were portrayed as a hideous winged women with powerful bird feet, kidnapping children.

It is translated from the Greek name of the Harpies — missed steal. They first lived in the caves of Crete, then descended into the realm of the dead to Hades, and serve to bring him the soul of the deceased. Harpies feared also for the fact

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Sacred Olympus

In the sky, on the top of Mount Olympus, ruled by the mighty Zeus, surrounded by other gods. Beside him, his wife, Hera, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite and the rest of the inhabitants of the sacred mountain. Three beautiful Ora — patron saint of vegetation and crop stand at the entrance to Olympus. They raise their gate when the gods decide to visit the land or to retire in their palaces.

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The Underworld of Hades

The gloomy Hades, brother of Zeus, located deep underground. Bright sunshine never come to his possessions. Dark rivers flow into the dungeon of the god of death, one of them is called the Styx.

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In the fields of the monastery Aida roam the shadows of dead people. They

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Holy spirits and supernatural forces

At the dawn of mankind life seemed full of mysteries. People are surrounded by strange and mysterious phenomena.

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For example, they could not understand why a fully healthy person suddenly taken ill, why did not rain at his usual time, why naked, seemingly dead tree is green and

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Between Asgard and Hella — rest anapa Annunciation

By the beginning of the first millennium AD warlike Germanic tribes who settled in northern Europe and Scandinavia, have created a rich and original mythology.


For his ancestral home — from Central Asia, they brought the faith in good and evil spirits. Like many other nations, the Germans worshiped the sacred fire, the sun, the sources, sacred trees, stones, revered big boulders. Each tribe had its own tribal deity, but the Germans did not build temples, and offered sacrifices to the gods in sacred groves that were often

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UFO. Aliens on the Moon. Gods from Sirius. Online

Scientists have shown that the events described in the ancient myths really happened. And therefore, could exist, and their members: the gods, humans, snakes, fish-men, winged "angels" tailed "demons." Archaeologists and paleontologists to find confirmation. What was needed from a stranger earthlings, they helped people and used them for his own purposes, why people used freely with the "gods", and we now believe that the "gods" is not …

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The Lord of the Rings and spears

Heavenly abode of the gods of the ancient Germans — Asgard — One of the rules, or water — the god of power, wisdom, magic, patron of warriors and poets. But above all one — the god of battles, and it says a lot about the lifestyle of the German and Scandinavian tribes.

Military valor for them was the highest value, the death in battle was considered the reward of the gods, and the battle and the long sea trips — the main occupation. Therefore, one is not only sits

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