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Man and Space — Intercom

In the ancient cosmos attracted its mystery and vastness. Of course, in those days, when there was no specific disciplines that study the laws of the universe, mankind was under the impression of standing natural processes occurring in the sky and observed from the ground. The rising and setting over the horizon sun disk, thunder, lightning, falling meteorites, comets — all of it hit feeble mind.

You too are fond of space and astrology? Then, look at my horoscope for tomorrow you will be able to cancer site There

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What does the Old Testament text

Now we will talk about striking artifact of extraterrestrial origin. It's about the biblical tale, tells the story of the patriarch Moses communication with God. This is contained in the Old Testament of the Bible — the book "Exodus", "Leviticus", "Numbers", and others. The well-known Polish researcher Professor Zenon Kosidowsky Bible, these texts are the oldest parts of the Bible, written about in the IX century BC.

The Flight of the Jews, led by a priest of Moses from Egypt (Exodus), according Kosidowsky, actually took place in the second half

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We need to understand the important thing is naive to expect that in the universe there are such things dobryachki who are dreaming, as it were, something to help us, the people. They decide and decide their own, most of them are completely alien and incomprehensible to us the task. Used, for example, the energy capacity of the Earth to charge some of his "batteries" (Nazca) or built interstellar repeater (the Great Pyramid), and so on.

In the same way we conduct ourselves and in relation to the tribes and nations, standing on the

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SPACE CROSSROADS: Orion next (Part 2)

According to extant ancient texts and stories of the Egyptian priests, written by Greek historians Herodotus and Diodorus, long before the first pharaohs, in the so-called "initial period", or Zep-Tepi, Egypt ruled by gods, who arrived from distant stars, namely, in the constellation of Orion and the stars of Sirius. This was the famous Ennead, or nine, the ancient Egyptian gods, Ra, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys.

As it may look strange, but, according to the Egyptians, it was the real gods of flesh and blood. They lived among people

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Secret areas: UFO. War of the Gods. Online.

In the ancient texts describe superhuman that moved on the perfect aircraft, owned superweapon … What the gods flew from beyond the stars? Who waged war on the Earth? What are actually the Ark, Moses' staff, the spear of destiny? ..

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First Paradise (4 movies) Watch online

In front of you a vivid portrait of landscapes, animals, plants, Mediterranean and interesting story about the relationship between the world of feral nature and man. Countries located on the Mediterranean coast, is considered to be the territory of ancient human settlements. Nowhere else man had no such significant effects on the environment. And this impact is very varied with time. By bringing together research in the fields of history, archeology and natural science, the famous naturalist Sir David Attenborough has made a careful study of the region. In his movie you will see how the animals are evenly

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As the tabernacle was set up?

Having built on the instructions of God, all the parts of the tabernacle, mount it and put it in a casket — the ark — received the tablets on the mountain, Moses found the opportunity periodically contact with God, which he regularly practiced for a long forty years of wandering in the desert tribe.

As the tabernacle was set up? Biblical texts give a very detailed, you can say its meticulous description, the sizes of components, assembly order, the rules of service, activities for "safety" and so on. This text

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On Sunday the show Godfather-3

Society Russian TV channel NTV advertises the promised continuation of the movie "Godfather". The third part of the documentary investigation of journalists of the "Extraordinary Event", which will be shown as 18:30 Minsk time on Sunday, accompanied by a catchy annotation: "Godfather-3: How to Make Money Family Lukashenko? As the fight for power? And as jailing? "

The first two series of scandalous tapes were shown on NTV 4 and July 16. Rod theme — the disappearance of opponents of the current regime. The film argues that the country's leadership is directly related to the physical destruction of unwanted opposition.

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The tragic misunderstanding due to cargo cults

In some cases, these representations (see here) led to tragic consequences. So, it is returned as the ancient gods were perceived appearance on the American continent of the first Europeans.

"They welcomed us as if we came from the sky"- Wrote in his diary Christopher Columbus after his meeting with the natives of one of the islands of the Bahamian archipelago in 1492. Subsequently, a handful of adventurers, conquistadors led by Cortés and Pizarro, was able in a short time crush, drown in the blood and plunder the two big

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Lived on earth a mighty titan Kronos, who ruled the land and all the titans. One day, he predicted a fortune teller that will overthrow the throne of his son, who will be stronger and wiser than he. Kronos was frightened and began to swallow all of his children as soon as they were born.

But when Zeus was born, the mother decided to keep it and gave titanium stone wrapped in swaddling clothes, and hid Zeus on the island of Crete in Idayskoy cave. There, Zeus was raised and

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