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In New Delhi, there is a statue of God Ganesha. An amazing statue, it involves a lot of mystery stories. And here's one of them. In 1995, there was an unusual story with this statue. Allegedly, this sculpture drank a cup of milk. The news has spread around the world instantly. Many have argued that this is just fiction. After a while the other sculptures of the Gods, too, began to drink milk. For example, the God Shiva.

Hindus all his life deal with their sculptures, as with human beings.

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The Etruscans. The mystery of Slavic civilization. Online

Ancient Romans called teachers of Western Europe. Teacher of Teachers — the Etruscans! At one time, the name of the Slavic tribes evolved from adding to the root of Russian-top boxes, reflecting the characteristics of these tribes, in relation to the rest of rusam, for example, ET'russki, P'russy. The prefix "floor" to the self-designation of the Rus Rus is enlightened — carriers of high culture, the evidence of which survived in the north of Italy, in the form of inscriptions on stones and works of art. The film tells about the appearance of Slavic writing

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Elixir of youth. Esters 13 and 20 June 2013

Medicine for high existed long before our era. There is evidence that thousands of years ago, priests and medicine men knew how to knit broken bones, treat your teeth, make the most complicated surgeries and even artificial insemination … All this taught them gods. Yet the gods gave thousands of recipes natural pharmaceuticals …


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Gods of the New Millennium — Alan Alford

This book is dedicated to the human race — So that we understand where we came from and where we are going.

The evolution of the human race — This is just one of the many mysteries that can not be explained by conventional science. The discovery of the secret passage in the Great Pyramid and the dating of the construction of the pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, referred to godm 10500-8000 BC, captured the imagination of scientists. But such historical anomalies are found not only in Egypt, many countries are finding places such as Stonehenge, Tiwanaku, Nasaka and

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Sisyphus — the king and builder of the ancient city of Corinth in Greece. He was a clever and avaricious. All my life I saved his wealth and the king thought to share with anyone. Even when he knocked home the god of death, Thanatos, the king wanted to cheat fate.

Karskasny you want to build a house? Then, in St. Petersburg entrust the construction of frame houses better than the professionals. For example, the company Expo-LESSTROY that builds quality wooden homes at affordable prices.

He admitted

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Runes. Ancestral Heritage

Increasingly, modern man seeks advice from the ancient forces, as our ancestors did generations ago. And, oddly enough, finds answers to the deepest questions: what is beyond our understanding, wise giving tips and showing the right direction.

Runes found interesting, but just can not see that they painted? Then, folding magnifying glass is useful to you, with which you can easily read the writing on the runes.

Runes — these are small symbols, signs, with which you can speak to the gods. Originally they are from Scandinavia,

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The lost teachings of Jesus Christ

The various religious denominations interpret the life and teachings of Christ in their own way. All this is due to lack of information, because a lot of the stories are hidden in the Vatican archives. But in recent years, in the hands of today's professionals were unknown to the teachings and sayings of Christ, which has restored the true teachings of Jesus, not waiting until the church publish these materials.

The book "The Lost Gospel page» Let's listen to what Christ himself said, not the wrong

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Under the eight-pointed star

Neighbors to the north by the Sumerians of Entre Rios — the Akkadians, who created the powerful states of Babylonia and Assyria, borrowed their gods from the Sumerians. More than that — the Sumerian language has long been the language of the Akkadians created the sacred texts and mythological tales, although the Sumerians to the second millennium BC have disappeared, and their culture absorbed the culture of neighboring nations.

Until we heard a great poem about the creation of the universe, the gods of earth and man — "Enuma Elish",

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Do not chop off the roots of the Russian culture

The reprint of the author of the journal article "Young Guard», № b, 1991, without editorial cuts. The article with the primary title, "How many 1000-lety Russian culture?" Was written to prazdnichkom Millennium of the Baptism of Rus. In abbreviated form is reprinted in the book "The mythology of the old Slavs" and the magazine "Russian idea», № 1, 1991.

Echoes died away last chord festive overture, is crowned prazdnichek Goals, which the execution with unprecedented artistic power and brilliant craftsmanship immortalized own talent Evgeny Svetlanov. Gone brightest anniversary celebrations, not so long ago unimaginable. Having started with a massive

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In search of the City of the Gods. Volume 5. The Matrix of Life on Earth

Book "The Matrix of Life on Earth ER Muldashev completes the cycle "In search of the City of the Gods."

This is the final and the main book of the series. The author finally gives sensational answers to the question posed earlier — namely, where there was a man, and who, in fact, its creator?

In one of his expeditions to Tibet, the author managed to detect the card City of the Gods, which at one time wrote Blavatsky and Roerich. According to Muldasheva, this card is an exact copy of a DNA molecule man. This means that

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