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Riddle of the emergence of the Russian language

The natural origin of language — it is a long and complicated process that can not go a thousand years. One of these languages in the land — it is the Russian language. Even according to the official (traditional) history of the Russian language has very ancient roots. Thus, the Proto-Slavic language appeared to the II millennium BC, and before that there was a so-called Proto-Slavic language which was still in the III millennium BC

Almost impossible to overestimate the importance of language in shaping the identity of the individual and of the whole nation, the whole of the

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Angkor — the land of the gods / Angkor Land of the Gods watch online

Angkor Wat — a huge temple complex dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Cambodia. Naikrupneyshim is ever made of places of worship and one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. Built during the reign of King Suryavarman II (1113-1150)

The oldest buildings

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In the House of Writers, Igor Bobkov and Anna Serehan



Anna SEREHAN "SMALL AREA should be able to talk with God"

Anna Serehan

The publishing house "Pro Christo", a book of the young author Anne Serehan "Lord, be with me always." Genre it is unusual — a poetic prayer for the children. What was due to the appearance of such a book, the poet said in an interview with Michael Skoblo.

Michas Scoble: "Anna, how did you get the idea to write a book in such an unusual genre, as a poetic prayer?"

Anna Serehan: "Honestly, it's not my own idea. This idea was

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