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Thank God you’re here to watch online

"Thank God you're here!" — This is a very exciting Russian comedy show, in which you need show As the development of imagination and a sense of humor, improvising on the special stages. Thus, the essence of this amusing game is, that stars and other celebrities who have been specially invited well in advance, getting in extraordinary urgent situation could show able to turn at least some of the humorous situation, blowing all the input means are at hand, and, of course, his resourcefulness.

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Mission unknown / Ancient Aliens. Online

Intelligent life forms visited Earth thousands of years ago, bringing with them technology that drastically affected the course of history and human development? The theory of "ancient aliens", published in 1968 in the best-selling book by Erich von Däniken "Chariots of the Gods", has shaken people's ideas about the proverbial human progress. Where did the cave drawings of strange creatures, remains of landing strips in Peru, and Indian texts that describe the "flying machines of the gods", etc. Is it possible that ancient aliens were well known to our ancestors or is it just a

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The great mystery of the pyramids

There is a theory that the great pyramids of Egypt, not only of Egypt — are space sensors or transmitters built by aliens from parallel worlds.

Russian scientists claim that these pyramids are slightly concave and one convex on the other side of the form. Geographical location of the pyramids drawn strictly on the current Greenland. It is believed that before there was a huge pyramid, carved out of the rock and has a climb to the top in the form of a helix of eight turns. According to this

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Ra works wonders for people

After Pa sat on the throne, he created the world in the world and tried every possible way to please civilians. Ra said he wants to create peace on earth to people was easier to live through difficult times.

After what has been said, he soared high in the sky, in the most high. Immediately began twilight. When Ra soared too high, his father's heart fluttered.

Soaring to the heights of heaven god Ra Heba appointed ruler on earth. Also, one of the myth is known that

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The Myth of Ra

In light of the god Ra lot of enemies. This — snakes that lurk in the darkness and gloom of gorges, or hippos and crocodiles living in the depths of the waters. Guarded by the sons of Ra from these monsters.

At a time when Ra drives a solar barge, the prow is majestically office eldest son of Shu. In his hand is the spear with which he strikes enemies father crocodiles. Another son, Horus, flutters on the multicolored wings in front of Barca and reeks of hippos and crocodiles.

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Patriarch Kirill called the Chernobyl disaster God's punishment for man's sins

Society The cause of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant were the sins, according to the Moscow Patriarch of All Russia Kirill i.

"The sin that entered the human nature causes people to achieve goals of sin to the fact that they make mistakes. Terrible error was the cause of the Chernobyl disaster," — said the patriarch, addressing the faithful gathered at the Patriarchal Liturgy at the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra environment.

"God could stop the hand of the operator, which is managing the reactor, made a terrible mistake," — said the Patriarch. "The Lord hath. I lot of people

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Gods of Ancient Egypt

Egypt — a country of mysteries, secrets. Many people go to the country on pilgrimage to see the remains of an ancient civilization. Egypt — an amazing country great pyramids, gods and creatures. But, do we know enough? Perhaps we have not been able to solve the mystery?

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The Pharaohs of different dynasties ruled

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Ear Rhodes

After a terrible war with the Titans, the gods gathered at Olympus began to divide the land. Employed by dividing the land, rivers, lakes and oases gods forgot about Helios, who raced on the sun chariot, doing his job.

At the end of the day, he returned to Olympus, but it has been divided, and he had nothing left. Angered by this lack of respect for yourself, go to the sun god Zeus that would require their share.

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Again, Peru! Portal Aram Moore — Gate of the Gods!

Not so long ago in South America, the researchers were able to make the discovery, which in its significance incomparable. The fact that researchers have found that a very large sacral and historical value. The found object is permissible only accessible by a corresponding resolution of the Government of Peru …

At the end of Article 2 watch online video: Portal Aram Moore — Gate of the Gods!

Scientists were able to find so called "Gate of the Gods. " Thus, some of the scientific discoveries are tremendous

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Lost worlds — the predecessor of the Incas. Online

Since the creation of enclaves of ancient civilizations in the Lake Titicaca, the priests of the area worshiped the sun god. At dawn they were burned for luck amulets, and the smoke rose to the gods, ordered the people to be fruitful and multiply. Lift the veil of mystery of ancient peoples — a tempting prospect … Is not it? Thanks for the link to Jury


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