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The festival begins in Budslav

Society In the village Budsłaŭ Myadel region begin annual celebration in honor of the Icon of the Mother of God Budslav, patroness of Belarus.

A 13-hour Budsłaŭ come first group of pilgrims on foot, who went to the National Shrine of the different cities of Belarus. The central part of the celebrations will be the Mass, which will begin at 12 o'clock at night Budslav mass procession around the shrine.

The peculiarity of this celebration will honor the parishioners one of the most of Christian relics — the tree of the cross. Front of the main altar of the

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Police protects even the Mother of God …



Pilgrimage in our place, or pilgrimage — as someone more like it. In short, the old church, the icon of the Mother of God in him, the priests in the distinctive — for the occasion and thousands of crowns,thousands of people from everywhere. Yes, thousands and thousands: crosses in their hands, banners, flags. Prayer, religious songs, the melody of a word, could would feel beautiful, sublime, not to police cordon. Metalashukalniki front of the temple. Shoulder straps, holsters, cap.

And where did they come from only the village, the whole caboodle! By blizheynaga town twenty miles away, probably,

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Amazing gods of Mesoamerica

Particular attention is drawn to mythological themes and images made by ancient artists who lived in Mesoamerica (modern territory of Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and others). Here in the pre-Columbian era there were quite advanced civilizations Olmecs, Mayas, Toltecs.

In the mythology of all these nations played a huge role gods descended from heaven, and come into contact with people. Thus, the Toltecs, who inhabited the beginning of our era, Central Mexico and worshiped the heavenly god Quetzalcoatl, or "plumage (feathers covered) Serpent", later, as they believed the Earth to Venus, and had brought the

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Portraits of the heavenly gods

Of great interest are "portraits" of the heavenly gods by ancient artists of Mesoamerica. In the costumes of these gods can discern many details and features inherent in our modern protective suits, used, for example, firefighters and rescuers, and spacesuits astronauts.

In some illustrations depict the "star god" Toltec — this statue is kept in the museum of the city of Merida (Mexico). God is dressed in a closed helmet with square glasses and respiratory protection. His jacket and trousers are made from strips of overlapping scales, plates, resembling modern bullet-proof protective clothing. On

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Analyze the images of the gods of Mesoamerica

So, continue the analysis of images of celestial gods of Mesoamerica. Even on such a small scale sketch, besides distorted by traditional notions orthodox-minded scientist, pay attention to some very interesting details.

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For example, what strange things are holding all the "magnificently clad warriors," even sacrificed their colleague? It's some kind of elongated boxes with rounded edges and a horizontally placed handles (and for which they hold). Its shape they resemble a modern portable

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Image Toltec Ishtar

Of a type jacket Toltec Ishtar, like Jacket "star god" like today's bulletproof vests. In the case of drevneamerikanskih images it is clearly talking about streloneprobivaemyh costumes. It is appropriate to recall the myth Kayapo Indians of the Amazon Basin of their first meeting with the heavenly god Bep-Kororoti.

The first, that the Indians saw a strange alien from the sky — showered him with a hail of arrows and spears. But, seeing that their arrows bounce off the costume of God, did not cause him any harm, "welcoming" the natives fled in terror

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Image analysis of the heavenly gods of Mesoamerica

We extend the analysis of images of celestial gods of Mesoamerica. If we follow the wise advice of Antoine de Saint-Exupery and "change the direction of view," that is simply amazing how many technical details and analogies to modern space technology and equipment astronauts can be recognized by these ancient images.

For example, the head of the god of the ancient Maya, adorns the ceremonial vessel (kept in the museum by the Polish-Vuh in Guatemala City). The head of the god is inside the helmet, very similar to the modern

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Day Secret territories watch online

What is our universe and that there is in the universe are we? Is there at least one real evidence of the existence of UFOs and what threatens us deep space? And in general, almost all of what you are about to hear will be the first time so that we go!

1. Spies distant worlds. 2. The fatal contact. 3. Undercover NASA. 4. Running in heaven. 5. Komplot fallen. 6. Game of the Gods " 7. Underground Martians. 8. A dump of the universe. 9. Lost gift Protz. 11. When the Earth is angry. 12. UFO.

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War and Peace

The myth of the god Quetzalcoatl came from Aztec mythology. "Covered with green feathers, feathered serpent, Omeotlya son, who was the supreme deity of the Indian pantheon, was opposed to all violence. In his world, happiness and prosperity reigned and his fans were happy to have such a good God. In the sixteenth century, the myth of Quetzalcoatl was written with the words of the Indians, the Spanish conquistador.

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Mythology of the Incas: Manko Capac

In the area around Lake Titicaca, the first people there like animals, with no houses, no work, no culture. The creatures were fed only the gifts of nature, and from the wrath of her hiding under a stone ceiling caves and cliffs.

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One of Inti, the Sun-god, decided to start their path to development, pointing to their children Ayar Manco and Mama Oklo down from heaven, and establish the greatest

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