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After bathing in the residents broke Chusovaya allergy


Permian, June 27 — AIF-Perm. In the village of Kyn 20 people go to a doctor with a severe allergic reaction, officials said Lysva district of the Perm region.

Among the cases — four children. Now causes flash installed. It is worth noting that an allergic reaction occurred at all after bathing in the river Chusovaya. Specialists have water withdrawals for the study.

At this stage, priority will be given two versions: toxic spills enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region and flowering plants.

Author: Sabine Zubov

Source: AIF-Perm

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World Utitsa — geometry of the Gods

Geoglyph found in the Urals. Utitsa world — witness the grand paleocontacts. Perhaps, for its creation was to use a powerful laser weapon. It's just a giant object! The scope of the "wings Utitsa" is ten miles away. A depth — tens of meters! World sensation. You have not seen this!

I always visit this most remarkable place on Earth. For more than forty years. The western slope of the Ural Mountains. Village Settlement. Located in a unique (and soon you will know why) Chusovaya river bend. One of the oldest settlements in

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