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Альбом ‘The Living Infinity’ может похвастаться титаническим объемом: в общей сложности в него вошли двадцать песен, составляющих восемьдесят минут звучания. Наберите в ваши легкие побольше воздуха. Этот забег мамонтов начинается с песни «Spectrum of Eternity». Трек берет начало в волшебном симфоническом интро, слыша которое, вы четко осознаете: вот сейчас случится что-то большое, что-то грандиозное и невероятное! И это происходит. Наше путешествие сквозь «живую бесконечность» (именно так переводится название альбома) начинается – с брутальными бласт-битами, всепожирающими мелодичными рифами и чарующим, подавляющим всякое сопротивление вокалом, где в каждой ноте чувствуется всесокрушающая энергия мелодик-дэта. Вы в буквальном смысле почувствуете, как электрические искорки будут

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The rise of software synths has been nothing less than meteoric, with thousands of developers large and small offering up their take on synthesis techniques alongside new and innovative designs. Whereas hardware synths are limited in terms of number of oscillators, filters and other components, in the software world we can combine a huge number of such elements, perhaps excessively stacking oscillators for massive-sounding waveforms. Although an analogue-modelled Minimoog soft synth might not equal its hardware counterpart, consider the fact that you can layer up multiple instances and also use it in polyphonic mode.

However, while many companies look to

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Social housing

This provocative social housing project in Champigny-sur-Магne, the realisation of a competition win, took a unique approach to the design brief. Aiming to revitalise and renew an urban zone characterised by a jumble of different building types from the 1970s, the programme called for mixed use: housing, commercial space, and so forth. Instead of taking the predictable path of replacing the ‘mess’ with order, the mixed-up with clarity, the architects chose to celebrate the chaos with a strategy of ‘urban collage’. In effect, they refused to interpret the context and decided instead to incorporate it, literally, into the

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SOAR mini-shuttle

An ambitious Swiss company has come up with a novel and incredibly economic concept to launch satellites into orbit by 2017.

Written by Ben Biggs

S3 (otherwise known as Swiss Space Systems) is based in the western part of Switzerland and was founded in 2012 by military pilot and mechanical engineer Pascal Jaussi. Its motto is ‘Space for all’ and one of its ambitious goals is to open a space port by the year 2015 then start test-launching by 2017. S3 is aiming to put small satellites of up to 250 kilograms (551 pounds) into a standard satellite orbit in

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Soap direct

It’s a brave farmer who ousts i I the prize rams from the house I paddock and confines them to an m out-of-sight field at the back of the property. It’s more courageous still to take over a husband’s workshop.

But Jude McNab, who has done all this and more, isn’t lacking when it comes to courage, and that’s probably why her business venture into the world of cottage industry soap-making is taking off at such a pace.

Nestled on a lifestyle block in the picturesque Gwaka Valley, deep in the remote Gatlins region of coastal south-east Otago, Jude has

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Last time we spoke to MATTHEW SEED he was busy hiring assistants for his studio, so we asked him to share some dos and don’ts. and tell us how to recognise the perfect assistant among your applicants.

I get a lot of emails from people wanting to assist me, but despite the regular flow of applications, very few of the people I take on actually work out. The main problem seems to be that everybody thinks of themselves as a photographer. They come to me with ready-made portfolios and some even have a website saying they are a photographer, and

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Reeva Steenkamp would have turned 30 this month. But instead of a day of celebration with loved ones, the South African model’s birthday will be marked by the latest court appearance of her lover-turned-killer Oscar Pistorius — hero of the 2012 Paralympics. So when will her family know the truth? Cosmo investigates

When 29-year-old law graduate Reeva Steenkamp went on her first date with the South African sports star Oscar Pistorius, she was instantly smitten. Handsome, charismatic and besotted with her from the moment they met, Oscar dazzled her with his high-octane celebrity and was soon describing her as ‘the


Smart flashguns, clever features

Some flashguns are a lot more advanced than others. Check for the functions you need to suit the way you shoot

Super Tip!

Ni-MH batteries are preferable to alkaline cells for use in flashguns. Not only are they rechargeable, but recycle speeds between flashes also tend to be noticeably faster. One problem, however, is that most Ni-MH batteries lose their charge quite quickly: it’s annoying if you put freshly charged batteries in your flashgun, then go to use it a couple of weeks later and find that they’ve already gone flat. Some Ni-MH batteries I are engineered to hold their

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The pieces of the puzzle that make the YZ250 tick


GYTR nickel-plated exhaust GYTR muffler

You simply can’t have a two-stroke without a pipe and muffler on it. The GYTR system added some aggression and excitement to the already impressive power of the YZ. I prefer it like this; if I wanted a bike that was tame, I wouldn’t be on one of these things. Bring on the arm pump!

270mm oversized rotor and bracket

This made the biggest difference to my enjoyment on the YZ250 so far. Riding both the 450 and 250 two-stroke, I tend to overshoot

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Snails with charm: Tylomelania

When discussing the large snails of the genus Tylomelania, many people say they are “charming.” Probably no other species of mollusks have become so popular in the aquarium hobby in such a short time as these gentle giants from Sulawesi. And the more attention they get from aquarists, the louder the requests for valid information on the habitat and biology of this genus have become. It is time to correct many false assumptions and half-truths about these snails.

On my trips to my dream island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, in addition to many fish and shrimp species I have found the

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