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The possibility of using multi-atomized cutting fluid for machining elevators.

Safety requirements and safety of the lifting equipment has always stood and will stand in the first place. Of particular importance, they acquire in the design, manufacture and operation of lifts and elevators.

Nikolai Yefimovich Kurnosov — doctor of technical sciences, professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences named after AM Prokhorov, Honored Worker of Higher School of Russia. Head of the department «Transport-technological machines and equipment» of the Faculty of mechanical engineering, transport and energy Penza State University. Director of Innovation and Technology Center «Vortex processes and technologies» Penza State University.

Andrey Nikolotov — Senior Lecturer,

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About stray dogs

I recently met with the consequences of staying in the hunting grounds Balkhash stray dogs. Later, we were able to observe a group of stray dogs on the hunting of wild pigs and muskrats. Seen as a single dog examined the lakes edge in the search for duck nests. In short, there is enough evidence to make sure that the dog is rich with game Balkhash reed lands can bring significant damage to native fauna.

Analysis of feces of dogs living at fishing camps, showed that they mainly consist of the muskrat fur and wild boar, and very rarely

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Final Malaysian Navy AS 555 SN

ALTHOUGH NOT publicised at the time, the June/July 2004 issue of Eurocopter’s Rotor Journul has confirmed that the last of six AS 555 SN Fennecs for the Royal Malaysian Navy, M502-6, was handed over on March 4 at the Marignane factory. Plans for the acquisition were first announced by Malaysian Defence Minister Najib Razak on April 15, 2001, when he revealed that government approval had been given to purchase them as replacements for the four remaining Westland Wasp HAS.1s operated by 499 Skn at Lumut. Formal contract signature took place on October 13, 2001, at the LIMA 2001 International Air

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Looking for winter hardiness, annual fruiting gardens

Gardeners of the country lay the annual fruit plantations over a large area. In nurseries only Mogilev region (Byelorussia) in 1963, more than a million seedlings grown apple. As if we’re doing good, useful work — creating gardens for those who will live under communism. After all, an apple tree lives for almost 100 years, and more than a pear.

But what it will Gardens? In the gardens of the Mogilev region, for example, it grows mainly Antonivka, trees which bear fruit in a year. Antonovka Apples are stored only until January, at best, until February (Antonivka-kamenichka).

To create

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He may look cuddly but we wouldn’t recommend giving CRAIG FLEMING a hug this month. Or ever…

And so the summer has arrived, and in the style of a true Brit I’ve celebrated this once-every-four-years event by getting sunburnt and catching flu, along with a chest and an ear infection. I spent three hours in A&E with a suspected perforated eardrum sitting alongside various ‘salt of the earth’ types. One of them was swigging on a can of Strongbow and shouting at his own shoe whilst another was trying to dance with the vending machine. To be honest I know

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About Developmental Biology strawberries

Knowledge of developmental biology of strawberries is essential for the proper development of farming and breeding of new varieties of this crop. Features of strawberries were studied very little, and the published data are often contradictory.

With this in mind, we decided to experiment with using the answers to the following questions: Can a strawberry pass vernalization able incipiently germinating seeds; what type of strawberries; Whether accelerating its development under the influence of low temperatures; when field ends vernalization this culture.

As objects of study used a strawberry varieties Kiev early number 1 and Marshall.

For vernalization seeds sown

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FIELD REVIEW: Canon EF 200-400 F4L IS 1.4X


Once you take a deeper look at the make-up of this lens, it becomes clear that Canon have chosen to showcase virtually all of their latest lens technology in the EF 200-400 f4L.

The new lens took a long time for Canon to bring to market after a development announcement some time ago.

The lens body does not change size during zooming, with all moving parts inside the magnesium-alloy, weather-sealed barrel.

At the front end of the lens is a bulge in the casing, which is home to the built-in 1.4 extender that is an exciting feature

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nformation for thought

Professor Bubnovsky:



I-"’; Then I have to explain to his friends -1 healthy lifestyle causes of diabetes of the second type, that is non-insulin dependent. I have to say that this disease is not inherited, but if the family who is suffering from this disease, then we can talk about continuity. At the same time correction lifestyle towards naturally healthy hinders manifestation of the disease even in cases where many relatives suffering from diabetes mellitus of second type. But about overweight I consider it my duty to speak.

I have a friend, Vladimir

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Do I need a hospital nurse?

Much has been said and written about the fact that hospitals do not have enough middle and junior medical staff. I can not explain how such status with nurses, and this is why few among physicians of boys, I know firsthand.

I think it is not necessary to prove both need strong male hand in the hospital, but that’s reluctant to take the guys in medical school for learning how to tend to think «female» professions. Above guys make such a choice, laugh, consider them frivolous people. Through it all, I had to go this summer.

On the medical

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Fiat Doblo Panorama от 589000 руб.


На первый взгляд — ничего. Обладатель почетного титула «Лучшего европейского фургона-2006» все тот же: смешная мордаха с глазами-фарами навыкате и высоким лбом ветрового стекла. Разве что задние стойки, ранее окрашенные в цвет кузова, теперь стали матово-черными, а над кормовой дверью вырос фонарик дополнительного стоп-сигнала.

Все тот же «Добло» и внутри. Огромные окна высотой в полметра дают обзорность на 360о, а с заднего сиденья открывается воистину удивительный вид — сразу понимаешь, за что машину назвали «Панорамой». Диван установлен выше, чем передние сиденья, так что даже поднятый водительский подголовник не сильно мешает обзору. Немного неудобно открывать

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