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The Ins and Outs of Auto-Align Layers

Auto-Align Layers is one of those Photoshop features that can be used for many different tasks. First, we’ll use Auto-Align Layers to odd something to an image. Then, we’ll use this versatile feature to remove an unwanted element.


How many times have you been with another person and you wanted to take a shot of the two of you in front of some point of interest? Usually, you get this long arm extending from the camera in the shot. But let’s say you want a nicely framed shot, showing the two of

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KEY ways to increase productivity in beekeeping

Increasing productivity and profitability of agriculture is given importance. With this in all sectors there is great growth. It goes without saying that we, the workers of beekeeping, we can not stand aside from the solution of this important national objective.

In connection with the transfer of on-farm payment any industry collective or state farm must win their right to exist, giving the economy a good profit. In order for the industry was not unprofitable and profitable, it is necessary first of all to ensure a high level of productivity.

Perhaps in no other sector of agriculture there is

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Equip apiary hives multihull

Wealth of food supply and the duration of the flowering period the main sources of bribe allow beekeepers East Kazakhstan region to achieve high levels of productivity with the content of the bees in stationary (non-nomadic) apiaries. And yet we can not say that labor productivity in the apiaries has reached the desired level,

The current system of service of apiaries and bee care techniques are outdated and do not meet the increased requirements for agricultural production. The rate of average load per employee — 60 bee colonies — small. With such a load is often not justified by

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It’s hard to think of a less appropriate description than ‘retired businessman’ for Richard Pullan. Although he no longer works in the clothing manufacturing industry, much of his time is now taken up managing his various investments, from wine and property to the local bus company. But when he’s not in his office, Richard can be found sailing around the South Devon coast. ‘I’ve always loved this area; it’s so picturesque,’ he says.

Richard’s contemporary house is sat on top of a hill, with uninterrupted views down to the estuary — the perfect spot for assessing the day’s sailing conditions.

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ecause I want to talk a lot, try to reduce to a minimum the entry and explain only their particular approach to life in the games to those with whom he is very different, it does not hurt and might miss some places in the text.

I am too well aware of how thin the line between life in the alternative world and boring job of leveling and how easy it is to kill all interest in notorious duds Rorisa holy name (thanks to the developers do not have forgotten to correct it in the patch). So I did his best to hold back and not very active already boast found or accidentally encountered on the forums in the preparation of the material and sverhshmotkami supermestami. And, of course, I still never ran editor. In the end, the game is very easy, it will pass

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French Rafales Deploy to Kandahar

THREE SINGLE-SEAT Dassault Rafales from the Armee de l’Air’s (AdlA — French Air Force) Escadron de Chasse 01.007 ‘Provence’ have been deployed to Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan. The aircraft departed Base Aerienne 113 ‘Commandant Antoine de Saint-Exupery’ at St Dizier on February 7, making a technical stop in Greece before flying on to Kandahar the following day.

This is the second time the type has been used to support Operation Serpentaire, the French element of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) operations in Afghanistan, aircraft having previously been deployed to Dushanbe, Tajikistan, on March 12, 2007 (see Rafale F2s Begin Afghan

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AUTUMN flower beds

September — one of the most beautiful months. Yellow and blush leaves of trees and shrubs bloom profusely autumn flowers. All flowering plants require normal maintenance. But you need to worry about faded too much.

In early September, and are planted clematis flowers melkolukovichnye (Pushkin, crocus, muscari, leucojum, snowdrops, erythronium, Scylla), trim and peel biennials and perennials. Grouse and daffodils are transplanted into the middle of the month. At the same time, crop the ground almost at the peonies.

Tulips are planted in late September in the furrows at a depth of 10-15 cm at a distance of 3-10 cm

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Autumn Symphony

For a long time, shrubby sedum species are not separated from the ground cover, and they are all called stonecrop. Now, however, there is a tendency to call these plants ochitnikami and allocate them in a separate subgenus. Ochitniki — is a perennial herbaceous plants, some of which reach 60-70 cm in height. Their compact or sprawling shrubs can be found in almost any garden, because of the hardy crops under force to adapt to any conditions.

The most famous sight ochistnikov (Hylotelephium), used everywhere — it’s about. prominent (H. spectabile). His strict, straight, not overwhelm the stems height

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French involvement

France was one of eleven nations taking part in Maple Flag 38. The French Air Force detachment arrived for the start of period one with four Mirage 2000Ns, four Mirage FICTs and two C-160NGs, which remained based for the first two periods. The aircraft arrived from Istres, France, on May 12, having routed via Lajes in the Azores and CFB Bagotville, Quebec. All three legs were supported by C-135FRs: three tankers were used to support two cells of fighters, four Mirage 2000Ns and four Mirage FICTs. In period three, the Mirage 2000Ns returned to France, replaced by a C-130H and

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Autumn chores a joy

Autumn at the Marina Petrovna gomelchanki GROSS — a favorite time of year. Winter bored, summer is too troublesome, she says. But in September, slowly, you can pay more attention to the remaining crops.

Cucumbers — to be!

My favorite vegetable gardener — cucumbers. To part with them as late as possible in the middle of August — early September, she spends the following procedure: a copper bracket (either durable flexible twig) prishpilivayut to the ground in several places whip cucumber. Then sprinkle the soil surface (be sure to wet!) Layer of 2 cm, well trampled ground around. At

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