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Broccoli — 250 g

Cauliflower — 250g

Beet leaves — 100 g

Olive oil — 1 tbsp. l.

Parmesan — 50 g

Cream 20% — to taste

Salt, black pepper — to taste

4 portions 30 minutes


1Razberite broccoli and cauliflower into florets, pour 1 liter of water and bring to a boil. Season with salt and cook until cooked cabbage.

2 beet leaves finely chopped, add to the soup and cook another couple of minutes.

3 Turn soup puree with a blender, add olive oil and pepper. Bring the soup to a boil again.

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Game-информбюро. Паранойя: секретный агент на тропе войны.

Игру, которую я жду с того дня, как сел за компьютер (а было это… очень давно), еще не начали делать. Чтобы было красиво и умно, приятно, захватывающе и доступно, программистам придется рассечь мою драгоценную (и единственную!) черепушку, чтобы тщательно исследовать содержимое. А затем неизбежно прийти к следующему выводу: теперь мы знаем, во что он хотел поиграть, но делать проект не имеет смысла. Пациент мертв.

Приходится довольствоваться теми смешными поделками, которые предлагают. Вот, например, Deus Ex. Типичнейший образчик ролевой игры в современном ее понимании. Sci-fi, правительственные заговоры, мрачное будущее, Малдер и Скалли, Blade Runner, нанотехнология, «движок» Unreal, тонны рекламной шумихи, «out

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The first generation Zkoba OS! Au1a — one of my first cars. Needless to say that I liked the car? Then again moved to the first generation models, but with the motor

1.8 T. last official car forgotten overnight. New very provocative overclocked better ru-flowed, was quieter in the cabin and generally gave the impression of a much more «shot down» a car.

After that I sat on Os1au1a II. The first thing you notice — even better taxiing. Engine 1.6-liter seemed to me — and seems so far — rather weak.

Now, about a new generation of Os1au1a. I was struck by the engine 1.4 T51. It is almost 1.8 T from the one of my swallows. And I have not traveled on the first generation Os1aada to 1.8 T, maybe

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The first field

GO agreed to after dinner.

Dmitry Ilyich ran up to the window at every creak of the sled, fussed, poking in a backpack and his wife prepared convolution. Every now and then returned to him the idea that he forgets something, something blundered and spoil crowfoot hunt. Especially as confused him that would go to the crowfoot his son Kolya, a man he had heard that hunting has experienced; in relation to him, Dmitry Ilyich felt a sense of jealousy and a novice in his eyes not to look like.

All have been collected, but the woman was imported

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In the middle of the XX century the name of Jackie Kennedy, First Lady of the United States, thundered to the whole world. Thanks to a brilliant upbringing and education, innate intelligence, taste and tact Jacqueline became a diplomat for his country’s number one on the world stage. She was loved, respected and praised. This popular folk often stressed and John F. Kennedy, after an official visit to France, said: «I’m just a person accompanying Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris.»

Home helper

By 1960, about 80% of Americans have had a home television, and television broadcasting has become a powerful

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GLORIOUS SUNSHINE, STRAWBERRIES and cream, and Andy Murray lifting the Gentlemen’s Singles Trophy at Wimbledon — the Great British summer is off to a fantastic start. Whether you witnessed the splendours of this year’s Wimbledon via the television coverage, or were one of the lucky fans who managed to get tickets to see the spectacle in person, there’s no denying that the tournament was a roaring success. What the thousands

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Atlantic bonito lives off the coast of America, Africa, Europe (penetrating as far north as southern Norway and the UK); She also lives in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Special signs

Bonito reaches a length of 85 cm and a weight of 7 kg, but usually it does not exceed the length of 60-65 cm, and weighs no more than 3-4 kg. Jaw teeth small, conical, slightly compressed laterally.

Coulter no teeth. The upper half of the body of at least 9, typically 12 oblique longitudinal dark bands. Painting of blue-green backs, adult fish oblique longitudinal stripes, sides and

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Gallic Jaguar

Once considered an outdated aircraft, the Jaguar has proved extremely efficient in recent crises such as the Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo. Henri-Pierre Grolleau reports from Saint-Dizier Air Base, home of the French Jaguar Fleet.

THE WHOLE of the French Jaguar force is now centred at Saint-Dizier (Base Adrienne 113 Saint-Exup4ry), in the east of France. Headed by Colonel Bertrand Moisy, Saint-Dizier Air Base is an essential element of the Force Adrienne de Combat (Air Combat Command). The base has extensive facilities, including numerous hardened aircraft shelters to enhance its survivability in the event of war. These shelters, although inherited

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Arriving at the far Hyperborea, Perseus defeated the Gorgon Medusa and cut off her head zmeinovlasuyu open, sends death sockets. With surprise hero watched from the neck of the Gorgon with the flow of blood coming to light two completely different creation — her children by Poseidon, god warrior chrysaor and winged Pegasus stallion.

Equally unexpected to Andromeda, the beautiful victim sea monster, it was the appearance with her Perseus:

Suddenly, like a sudden thunder in the clear sky,

Rolling neighing. The eyes opened

Fluttering fear and with it the heady excitement:

She saw, nestesnen bridle,

Shot up on

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Memo for every woman

Women are advised to undergo an annual examination by a gynecologist and mammalogy

(those who are at risk -as prescribed by a doctor). Up to 40 years to do breast ultrasound, and after 40 — annual mammogram. 2 is no less important ritual — breast self-examination monthly. Once you are able to react sensitively to the slightest changes that may be signs of disease: pain, discharge from the nipple, seal.

3 Beware of direct sunlight. Sunbathing topless — a very dangerous fashion. Gentle breast skin can repel attacks sunlight and harmful ultraviolet filtering materials easily gets into the mammary gland.

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