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Prospects for the use of inductor electric gate at ore mills stock company «ALROSA»

Joint Stock Company «ALROSA» is the leader of the diamond industry in Russia (97% of all diamonds in the country), the share in world diamond production — 25%. Probable reserves «ALROSA» make up about one third of world reserves of diamonds. Enrichment facilities are represented by ore factories (№ 3, 8, 12, 14 and 16), Drago (№201, 202 and 203), stationary factories placer (№ 13 and 15), mobile units. The total capacity of processing plant of the company exceeds 32 mln. Tons of processing of raw materials a year. Concentrating factory (PF) № 12 and 14, working as part

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With special rebates available and the promise of long-term savings, green technologies like geothermal heating and cooling are piquing the interest of homeowners.

But can geothermal be installed in the city? Can you retrofit a home to run a geothermal system? And what the heck is geothermal heating and cooling anyway?

«The common misconception is that we need to drill down into the earth into somewhere where it’s warm and we bring that warm liquid or air or whatever it is up and we circulate that through the house, which absolutely isn’t true,» says Kevin


Song of GISe

Homeland is known to start with «good and loyal companions in your pictures "Primer"». The true and good gun — too. Paramount Pictures on a gun — is a brand of the State test station, or just the GIS. Without it, any, even the most expensive and intricately adorned with a gun, no more than a toy railroad. In addition, it is extremely dangerous to others and, above all, for you personally. Who can guarantee that the gun does not tear when the first shot? The trigger in the forehead, broken forearm, wired trunks, smashed the butt, etc. etc.

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Genus Tanichthys. White Clouds, Meteor Minnows, and Sparkling Gems.

Few ornamental fishes have made a successful aquarium debut so soon after their scientific description as Tanichthys albonubes. The type series of this colorful little minnow was collected in 1932 from streams draining Bai Yun Shan—White Cloud Mountain—in China’s Guangdong Province by Tan Kam Fei, a scoutmaster with a keen interest in the flora and fauna of his native region. In appreciation of his efforts, the Chinese ichthyologist S.Y. Lin later in the same year erected the genus Tanichthys for this diminutive and morphologically distinctive cyprinid, whose species name, albonubes (= white cloud), refers to the type locality. The White

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Prospects for own-rooted culture

IN CONTEMPORARY horticulture define two types of crops — non-grafted and grafted. Graft has made great progress in horticulture and main tree fruit rightfully occupies a leading position. Along with this production, and own-rooted interest plantations.

In contrast to the grafted non-grafted plants are genetically homogeneous, have a high physiological integrity. With aging or winter damage aboveground parts are better restored, which makes them more durable. With high rates of own-rooted vegetative propagation is removed taking care of seeds, rootstocks, grafting process is eliminated. All of this greatly simplifies the cultivation of seedlings.

However, own-rooted culture still has not found

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Future research and development of air transport

Based on current trends in the aviation industry, today identified three priority areas for scientific and technical activities CVTs «Technology» in terms of development and production of glassy materials. The first direction is the development of advanced organic-organic and organic-silicate (heterogeneous) ptitsestoykih, lightweight compositions for aircraft glazing.

The effectiveness of the functioning and performance characteristics of modern aircraft and helicopters are largely dependent on the applied glazing them, the technical level is in Russia today does not allow us to solve a number of existing problems: the impact of solar radiation on the crew and electromagnetic radiation; ghosting, hindering

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Georgia to Acquire Macedonian Su-25s

IN A deal reportedly co-ordinated by the US, the Republic of Macedonia is to sell its four Su-25 Frogfbot aircraft to the former Soviet republic of Georgia, says Yevgeny Sidorov, the political analyst of the Russian Information Agency RIA Novosti.

He claims that in April and May, both Macedonia and Bulgaria agreed to give Georgia seven Su-25s. Since the Macedonian Air Force has only four Su-25s on strength (three single-seat Su-25 Frogfbot-A and one two-seat Su-25UB Frogfoot-Bt it is assumed that the other three examples will be surplus Bulgarian Air Force examples.

During one of its regular sessions in June,

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Genius SlimStar 8000ME

Компания Genius представляет комплект из мыши и клавиатуры Genius SlimStar 8000ME.

Новые устройства ввода обеспечат всем пользователям полноценную функциональность, недоступную при использовании клавиатур ноутбуков. Для работы с обоими устройствами необходим только один порт USB.

И клавиатура, и мышь отличаются компактными размерами и небольшим весом.

Отличительная черта клавиатуры Genius SlimStar 8000ME — инновационные колпачки клавиш, которые обеспечивают отличные тактильные ощущения. Благодаря им особенно удобна клавиатура для тех, кому важна скорость ввода текста.

Кроме того, клавиатура имеет влагозащитное покрытие, которое способно защитить ее от пролитой жидкости.

Мышь Genius SlimStar 8000ME имеет симметричный дизайн, который делает ее одинаково удобной для работы и правой,

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Personal trainer.

Four months of intensive training behind. Verify how much you can endure.

Text and Methodology: Dmitry Smirnov.

* This is the third part of the annual program of home exercises for the integrated development of motor skills. The first two parts seek to

oic part of an annual program — new challenges for you and your body. The priority of the next 2 months will be endurance. To do this, we are somewhat simplify the set of exercises and workout temporarily get rid of speed, endurance and speed because, alas, can not develop at the same time. Plus your

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Geneva Model S Wireless DAB+

The Geneva is as accomplished as it is stylish. It might not offer the versatile tech of some rivals, but it beats their sound by a country mile.

If audio quality is your highest priority in a speaker dock — and why wouldn’t it be? — then look no further than the Geneva Model S Wireless DAB+. It’s the closest we’ve come to true hi-fi sound in this Supertest, and we’re astounded by the clarity and depth of detail coming from this rather compact speaker.

And that’s before we even get to its classy finish and radio features.

That’s not

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