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According to Dr. Brown’s recipes

Dr. Chris Brown

Doctor teaches, writes and consults on Linux. PhD in elementary particle physics it this does not help.

Esoteric system administration of bizarre volvulus server

Old Tux?

We all know Tux. This chubby penguin became the face of Linux in the mid-1990s, but those remained. But few of us are lucky like me, met him in life. Now he is retired and lives on the beach in the coastal Penguins zoo in Devon. In spite of the progressive disease of fins, he hobbled up to me and graciously gave me an interview. I asked him how his

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On the night of January 19, 1730 in Moscow, the grandson of Peter the Great, died 14-year-old Emperor Peter II. The young man died suddenly from the black pox, on the eve of her wedding and coronation and, of course, did not leave a will. Supreme Privy Council decided to invite the Russian throne Dowager Duchess of Courland Anna Ivanovna, niece of Peter I, the daughter of his brother Ivan V.

Childless Anna Ivanovna for all 10 years of his reign, did nothing to formally appoint the successor, and in 1740 the greatest chance to become a Russian tsar,

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Ghost hercs

The reaction that greeted XV211 on it’s return to lyneham on September 11 from Major Servicing was mixed, to say the least. «It’s a Yank Here? • Can’t be, it’s got a probe, • Well it certainly isn’t one of ours!»

Over the next few days rumour control went into overdrive with «Stealth Hercules» variations being the most popular (and printable!). The only Stealth properties of ‘211 were it’s invisibility to identification. The size of its markings and their positions on the rear fuselage, make it difficult to identify except at close quarters.

Painted at Marshalls of Cambridge during it’s

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On our side of the border

Surely someone from the constant readers of the magazine remember my article about hunting for roe deer in Poland, published in the «Safari» a couple of years ago. Then I talked about the possibility, without going very far, relax and go hunting in the early summer, when Russia closed to all hunting. After that trip really wanted to find out if things are going well with roe on this side of the former USSR state border. We intend to write with a capital letter, as many will recall, that’s the line was, and still is such a, like a

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Getting started with test gear

IN an ideal world, it would not be necessary for electronic project builders to have any test equipment unless they decided to embark on some project development of their own. Every electronic component would work perfectly and would never become damaged, and every project would work first time. In the real world, dud electronics are few and far between but might be encountered from time to time, and components that start out as fully functioning devices can be physically damaged or zapped by static charges. Odd problems can occur, and even projects that are built while paying due care and

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Squatting on the field

We are starting a series of publications dedicated to enduro riding is called «Science». And help us in this school instructors SVR Team led by medalist Russia enduro Alexander Samoilov. One of the pillars of success — the correct position of the body. This is dedicated to our first material.



Training begins with a five-minute exercises. Tilt and rotation of the head to the feet, mash the muscles of the neck, shoulders and arms, pelvis and then mash Gnehm, if thrown through bike lap — like sumo wrestlers. At the end of squat, sharply, «dropping» the

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Getting started in woodcarving

As active woodworkers and readers of this magazine, you already know how satisfying it is to make something in wood; whether it’s a chest, chair, mirror frame, or a host of other projects that have been described in past issues. The beauty of many of these objects can be greatly enhanced by decorating them with carving, which will give them an even greater variation of texture and add to their grace and beauty. You can combine your manual skill with an artistic feeling, and make your project a distinctly individual piece.

In recent issues of Popular Woodworking I have been

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Dune 2000

They say time will tell. Faraway 1992 th … gamers avidly playing SOMETHING calling Dune 2. They play with gusto, through, up and down. Years pass … emerging giants such as C&Since, StarCraft, Total Annihilation. And veterans of all waiting for a miracle, waiting for the return "the very"That once shut up all the clones in his belt. They waited. They waited?

The yard is 1998 minutes. Those gamers and … the same Dune! Only 2000 I. What is it ?! It turns out, lies saying? But what about the scientific progress? No progress.

Who needs it?

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Getting into hot water

Domestic solar energy comes in two forms: electricity from collected light and heat from collected light. One excites electrons until they warm up, die other pops them down a wire. You use those electrons arriving at the other end of your wire to excite others until they warm up. Bodi methods will heat a hot water cylinder.

Whichever way you collect solar energy, you need to store it until it’s wanted. In a passive-solar house the store is the thermal-mass which holds the excited electrons in an insulated floor or interior walls. With solar-electric panels — which I’ll hereafter refer

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400g puff pastry

500g of apples,

30 g of butter,

2 tbsp. l. vanilla sugar or vanilla sugar, zest of one lemon,

7 tsp cinnamon, a pinch of ground cardamom, a handful of raisins,

30 ml white rum

• Puff pastry is better to choose fresh water rather than yeast. In fresh fewer calories, and stratifies it better.

• Cold roll out the dough thinly, brush with butter, fold in half and roll out again. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times. Roll the dough into a thick layer.

• Cut it into 6 pieces and dazzle of each bun with

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