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Planting material

You can pay big bucks for a small bag of seeds and to experience disappointment or it will not at all, or they do not germinate. So often gardeners grow the seeds themselves, using proven varieties.

VARIETAL plants.

The soil under the plants from which you plan to collect seeds should not be too much fertilizer. Otherwise they zanezhatsya their growing season will increase (to be a lot of green mass), and the seeds do not have time to ripen.

On the seeds can leave only high-quality plants. Seeds obtained from the hybrids (the packaging of hybrid plants have

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Portrait of Avicenna

Many centuries have learned HEALTH PROFESSIONALS IN THE WORLD OF MIDDLE books are great physician, philosopher and thinker Ibn Sina (Avicenna). However, over the thousands of years that have passed since his birth, it has not saved any Scola any reliable IMAGE scientists. Not exactly restore FACE Ibn Sina and the famous anthropologist Professor M. Gerasimov. Most recently, his mistakes to correct Researchers from Andijan.

In 1954, by the decision of the World Peace Council, in Hamadan (Iran), where he died in 1037 Avicenna, it was built a new mausoleum. The ashes of the old burial had to be

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The elegantly designed Momi Momi Massage Lounger EP-MA70 transports you to total relaxation and looks great in any interior

Contributing to your overall wellbeing is the Panasonic Momi Momi Massage Lounger EP-MA70. The “Heat Massage» programme is a new addition to the massage lounger, providing a warm massage experience for the entire body. Body pressure and optical sensors allow the advanced 3D body sensor to measure body shape, thus determining target massage areas more accurately than ever before.

Akin to a masseur, the real squeeze kneading function helps loosen deep stiffness in the shoulders. You can also customise


Portrait of the 18th century.

If the XVII century was predominantly religious, the XVIII — mostly not religious.

Divine Providence takes place is now omniscient human mind. This was the era of the internal courage: if there is no God, but there is only empty sky, which can not be afraid, you lose the value of many of the moral criteria and restrictions. We live only once, after death we did not expect, so we will enjoy every moment, and «after us — the deluge.» It was a time, a premonition, to prepare the catastrophe of the French Revolution.

The main lifestyle for a

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Great places. Woodland Legend.

A Washington resort traces its logging roots to the 19th century.

After driving the narrow, winding Chumstick Road that leads to Mountain Springs Lodge outside Leavenworth, Washington, I could easily believe the story that owner Bill Newell told of his great-grandfather coming to Beaver Valley back in 1893. William Wesley Burgess got into the sawmill business on Orcas Island. He was seriously injured in an accident, and doctors told him his leg needed to be amputated. According to the story, Burgess had a gun under his pillow and told the hospital staff that he’d shoot anyone who tried to take

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Portable device for measuring radioactive particles

It includes a limiting amplifier pulses across the lamp L (1B1P), the sound stage control sealer ‘device adapted to small thyratrons MTX-90 and serves to supply particle counters blocking oscillator on the lamp L2 (2PІP).

With up-winding of the transformer pulse voltage is applied to selenium rectifiers (three columns ABC 5-1a) after rectification smoothing filter

YA70S56 and later served on the resistance of the particle counter. Variable resistor included in the anode circuit of the lamp L2, allows you to change the value of the rectified voltage from 350 to 2200. With resistance through the capacitor surge voltage is

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Gene championship there!

Or not, on the contrary, only willpower and a huge amount of training can make you a sports star? To clarify this issue, we sent for DNA analysis our editor Artem Betev, as well as two professional athletes. Read below, what came out of this venture.

Eighteen months ago, MN sent the editor Ivan Glushkov two mutually independent laboratory that promised by DNA analysis to identify any client predisposition to certain specific diseases.

With analyzes Glushkov back puzzled: in his hands he had 2 of the list, some items are radically different. For example, some researchers

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TIME insulated

Take care of your home insulation and efficient heating until the extreme cold! This will significantly reduce energy consumption for heating the house, and you will not be unpleasantly surprised by the amount specified in the payment receipts. Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve significant savings.

Where the draft — Tang money down the drain

Because of drafts in your home is lost up to 25% of the heat, and along with the money you spend on extra heating rooms. To detect the leak warm air easily. To do this, soak a hand and hold it in front

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Great flight training in a breathtaking environment.

Summit Aviation is a winner of the Flight Training Excellence Award.

THE LEADERS OF Summit Aviation in Belgrade, Montana, believe that a balanced and proactive approach leads to a healthy flight school. The fact that the school is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and rents new airplanes with great visibility doesn’t hurt, either.

Owner Ben Walton says the school has a robust safety program, mentors its flight instructors and manages them closely, has great airplanes, and ensures all staff members are well versed in sales.

The safety program offers an easy way for students to report anything they may see

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It’s time to stagnation

Americans simply obsessed with punctuality. Well, we catch one of them and stole his watch. All watches. And on the week. And then ask TELL: What’s it like — to live not knowing what time it is in surrounded by people who check the time every minute.

"SOLDIER SLEEPING — SERVICE GOES" in my case it can be paraphrased «Brian is sleeping — time goes by»: even at night I regularly look at the clock. Waking up to turn over, I touch your phone, and the light of its screen as a prison searchlight cuts the darkness of the

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