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Making the water in the air

One stroke put an end to the drought in one place and dampness -In FRIEND. Thirty years ago, scientists in the USSR and other departments are considering the seeming fantastic offer author of this article, and found it deserves attention and further development. BECAUSE THEN CASE stalled, WANT AGAIN bring it to the attention of readers.

Sorry to start with elementary truths: the lack of water in the Central Asian republics greatly limits the further development of agricultural production where large areas of fertile land; decline in the Caspian Sea, because of the use of the Volga runoff

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Griffon shoot-down

I THOUGH IT was interesting read about the Afghani conflict from the viewpoint of the Soviets.

Apart from the details of half a sortie, most of the effort was made to credit the Soviets with the loss of the only Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft during its operations against violating Soviet-Afghan aircraft!

Although details and cause of the F-16 loss have appeared in numerous air journals, the author persists in crediting it to the Soviet Air Force.

However, just to set the records straight, the aforementioned F-16 was flying as the lead in a formation of two when they were

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Grey Dragon

Mark Ayton spoke with Lt Col Frank Rogers, operations officer of Detachment 1, 53rd Test and Evaluation Group, based at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, about the current F-117 ‘Grey Dragon’ test programme.

HOLLOMAN AFB, New Mexico is perhaps best known as the home of the US Air Force F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter, operated by Air Combat Command’s 49th Fighter Wing. There is, however, another unit based at Holloman which operates the F-117: Detachment 1 of the 53rd Test and Evaluation Group, known as the ‘Dragons’. Det 1 is one of 17 units, located around the continental United States, within the

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Outsiders BX …

We’ve been waiting for it. That it should come to replace veteran 440BX. Only in such bottles bottled cocktail of sharp Technology: RDRAM, 133 MHz FSB, AGP 4X and Ultra ATA / 66. However, some prefer sake …

We will focus on the i820 — the latest chipset from Intel. From 440BX predecessor, it features a new hub architecture, as well as support for RDRAM, 133MHz system bus, AGP 4X and Ultra ATA / 66. However, some features of the new 440BX chipset is deprived of: a sacrifice brought support for 66-MHz system bus (and hence the compatibility with

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Greenwood And Goldtops

Danny’s house is decorated with portraits of the blues greats, but one in particular – a picture of the late, recently departed Hubert Sumlin – inspired the song Greenwood 31, titled after his place of birth, on the new album. ‘Hubert was the first blues legend I ever met – I played a festival with him when I was about 20,’ says Danny. ‘I asked the promoter if I could meet him and he said, “I’m not sure.” After the gig he said, “He heard you play, you can go in.”

‘So I spent about an hour with him. He

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DECREE-Union scientific and technical conference on beekeeping, dedicated to improving productivity in the apiary

Performing covenants Lenin that «Labour productivity is, in the final analysis, the most important thing, the most important thing for the victory of the new social order,» the Soviet people under the leadership of the Communist Party takes decisive action to significantly increase the productivity of labor in industry and in agriculture.

Great success in this business have also reached and advanced beekeepers. For example, the beekeeper Sverdlov collective farm, Bashkiria, PF gilding with the assistant service 300 bee colonies, and the beekeeper beekeeping Kalacheevskogo inter-district department of the Voronezh region PA Baranov, an assistant service 400 bee colonies

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Posleotpusknaya stash

Adjusted the family budget after holiday

Knowing that sea days are just around the corner, you are in a hurry to deal with urgent matters at work, doing house cleaning. You are sure to unplug electrical appliances, will block gas … right? But the «posleotpusknoy» stash some reason, many often overlooked and received a long-awaited vacation amount, to celebrate immediately spend most of the money. And after a summer trip, when money is tight, according to the law of meanness, always a sudden unforeseen expenses. In order to avoid financial collapse, before heading for a vacation, do not forget

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Green Luxury: Building and Living in an ECO-Friendly Home

Are you torn between building your dream home M I and building a green home? The concept of green living may suggest some degree of JL austerity, but you don’t have to compromise to build an eco-friendly luxury home. When you consider that green building techniques and products will make your home more comfortable to live in, you’ll see that a green home is the definition of luxury. And with so many environmentally-friendly finishes on the market today, your new home’s interior will rival any boom- era McMansion for beauty. Excess is out these days; responsibility is in. Instead of

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The last bastion of paganism

As the palace of the Roman emperor became a Slavic city?

Emperor Diocletian — one of the most outstanding personalities in the history of ancient Rome. A brilliant military leader, successful reformer and statesman, finally, a person who voluntarily departed from the government and did not want to return to it. In modern Croatia Diocletian’s name is well known. This country owes him a majestic ruins of the palace, it turned into today in a unique tourist destination.

Croatia — amazingly beautiful country. Stretching along the coast, it is composed of many islands and picturesque bays, cliffs covered by

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The last inhabitants of Earth

People concerned about the fate of our planet, is usually counted the years remaining until the «extinction of the Sun,» which, according to scientists, is expected in about 5 billion years. Few people think about the fact that our star before his death will have time to warm up so that its heat will destroy all life on the surface of the earth long before this fateful moment, and only its inhabitants remain bacterial thermophiles can live and reproduce at temperatures above a hundred degrees Celsius. And humanity will likely be forced to seek refuge on other planets, or

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