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Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort, — located just 30 kilometers from Cannes, the hills and vineyards, is designed for those who gave their hearts to Provence.

On the Cote d’Azur, where a little to take a step and you’re in another town, or even in another country, a hotel with a total area of ​​about 300 hectares — an extraordinary phenomenon. Terre Blanche — it is your own quiet Provencal village with the amenities of a five star hotel: secluded villas, from the windows and terraces with stunning views, restaurants, swimming pools, spas, golf courses, tennis courts and

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Awaken the dead

On the influence of stars and comets in the invisible world of spirits written in ancient times. No doubt this influence in the Middle Ages. The appearance of comets in the sky clearly interpreted as a harbinger of misfortune. According to popular belief, comets not only brought the epidemic and the war, but also sends people out demons. It has long been observed that in times of appearance of comets appear more often than usual ghosts, spirits are activated at seances, the number of cases of telepathic communication and receiving prophecies amplify various mental disorders, including sleepwalking and hallucinations.


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Harrier GR.9 Enters Service

JOINT FORCE Harrier and BAE Systems rolled out the Harrier GR.9 at RAF Cottesmore, Rutland, on October 11, in a ceremony marking the type’s front-line service entry with 1 (F) Squadron.

The £500 million improvement programme involves upgrading all 60 Harrier GR.7s and nine T.lOs to GR.9 and T.12 standard respectively, extending the Harrier’s effectiveness until the F-35 Lightning II enters service, currently planned for 2018.

Conversion work is being undertaken by BAE Systems on the Joint Update and Maintenance Programme (JUMP) line at Cottesmore. On October 11, 24 single-seat GR.9s and one two-seat T.12 were in RAF service. The

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Not so long ago plots on the slope, as well as apartments on the upper floors, were considered unsuccessful acquisition — indeed, it is difficult to break the beds on a flat surface. But time passes, priorities change, urban housing, located directly under the roof, it is a prestigious and expensive, and the slope is no longer a source of headache summer resident and gardener, becoming a place to build a magnificent garden plot.


Hold on a slope of the soil contribute to large rocks and boulders that look better singly or in small groups. Often the stones already


About the white eye.

The original appearance of the fish is shown from a very early age: the humpbacked snout, large silver eyes, a large gray scales and fins. Even beginners, which for the first time have to keep the fish in hand, do not confuse it with any other relative of the bream. White-eye (Abramis sapa), or, as it is called in the people, cana (klyaps, klyapets, Glazachev), a frequent visitor to the river and catch donochnikov poplavochnikov throughout the open-water season. Guests are so frequent that some anglers who specialize in catching ide and bream, try, if possible, to avoid encounters

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Despite the huge number of software synths available, there is still a massive market for more expensive hardware synths. This is in part due to the gratification of instant feedback when tweaking knobs and sliders, along with circuitry and operating systems that have been optimised for a single job. It ’s much easier to get lost while sound-designing using a piece of hardware, as you’re not so easily distracted by other effects and plug-ins, and touching controls directly feels much more intuitive than using a mouse to fine-tune parameters. You may also be buying a hardware synth for its analogue

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Happy together


Written BY LISA DAVIS PHOTOGRAPHY BY KARYN MILLET sometimes a house defies labels, as seems to be the case with the Newport Beach residence of Julie and Darrick Walker. “It has an elegant coastal style with European overtones,” says landscape designer Molly Wood, who collaborated on the project with architect Cynthia Child’s and designers Erin Curci and Erin Flinn. “The house looks like it’s always been there, yet it has modern elements,” says Childs, while Flinn notes that it feels “casual yet elegant,

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Problems of Architecture and Urban Planning at the second conference of economic and cyber USSR Academy of Sciences

In December last year, held in Uzhgorod second economic-cybernetic conference organized by the Scientific Council on Cybernetics and the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, Academy of Sciences of the USSR. She was devoted to the economic and mathematical methods of the regional forecasting and modeling regional economies.

As part of the conference are 11 specialized sections on different aspects of the great economic problems.

In the sections were made reports and presentations on the problems of urban simulation and prediction of their development (section 5); Spatial modeling of demographic forecasting and analysis of the distribution of population and labor force

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Out of the total complex of works on creation of scientific, technological and industrial base should be made rocket results of work on the above topics.

Theme H61 was designed an experimental missile R63A, became the latest in a series of missiles, designed in the Soviet Union on the basis of A64. By modernizing and speeding up the construction of the engine thrust to 44 ton managed to secure the calculated flight range R6ZA to 1200 km, which created the opportunity to put a missile attack on the majority of NATO bases located both along the borders of the USSR,

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Hardware Expressions

Giving your home an image enhancement or personality boost is quick, easy and fun — just avail yourself of the large selection and professional assistance at Hardware Expressions.

Owner Patricia Welch specializes in unique decorative door and cabinet hardware; from classic to contemporary or in dazzling designs studded with semi-precious stones and crystals, she has over 55 lines on display in the store. Many of them, in fact, are new additions or carried exclusively by Hardware Expressions. That bounty also includes a large array of one-of-a-kind hard¬ware and several lines of budget-conscious options, as well as bath and decorative gate

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