A.Belyatsky: Cancel rapporteur — a result of the political contract

"Cancel the post — this is the result of a political agreement between the Government of Belarus and the countries in which the standards are not respected human rights. Pretty analyze the composition of the UN Council on Human Rights, that realize it. After all, the Council includes countries such as North Korea, Iran, China, Cuba, Our homeland, as countries where military conflicts are not met human rights. Unfortunately, there is a political subtext defeated cancel this post. Especially since in the context of the abolition of the post of special rapporteur and Cuba, where the human rights situation even

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Native Bykov. Picture story

Parishes Bychkov This place was Kublichskaya high school in which he studied the Bulls Ruins of the church in Kublichah Portrait of Misha Bykov silent in the house-museum Pagan stone in yard-Slabodka where the Bulls walked to the junior school Sketch Bykov Commandant in Kublichah. Brought here defectors from capitalist Poland

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Christian music festival in Borisov

This is the first music festival in Belarus sacred music, which organizes more than one religious denomination, and favorites of all Christian churches Borisov, says one of the organizers Eugene Gurinovitch:"In Borisov favorite for many years churches gather together to pray together and open a discussion prepyadstviya urgent, to influence the situation in the town. I think, because they were going together, prayed, and to develop a unity and a desire to do something total for the town. "In the program there are three daily programs from the festival: for kids, adults and young people. Role in the event perceive

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How to honor the memory of Belarus Vasil Bykov?

Throughout Belarus Vasil Bykov called naming one single street — in the outreach workers of the Minsk district. Street newcomer, she is just beginning to be built. A resident of the street Bykov Mrs. Svetlana proud:"Great honor to live on the street itself. Vasil Bykov, certainly, every Belarusian knows … Certainly be perpetuated his memory. Just we, Belarusians, occasionally underestimate that deserve our countrymen. I think we will be very excellent memory pochetat Bykov. I think it will be the most beautiful street in the construction array Zhdanovich. "Mrs. Light added that not only the streets — the greatest avenues

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Quote a day or — 18 May

"I was called to the head of the department for themselves, and not with the second phrase began to read:" Come to engage in politics, and everything will be fine. "I asked for clarification, he meant — I’m not a party chairman, nothing such like. He says: "And the elections?" Well, here I vznyalo! I said, "To participate in elections — it is my constitutional right! Do you understand my attitude to the current government, and you know perfectly well that I do not support it!" So the verdict — it’s just a formality, a demonstration of their Tipo some

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Experimental fighters E Series E-8 — Ahead of time

In 2000, when the general aviation community was shown the new MiG 1.44 MFI (multipurpose tactical fighter), who was the pilot experimental layout Russian fighter of the 5th generation, many aviation experts noted that the assembly machine than either serial recalls South American fighter F -16. While only a few aviation experts at representing the older generation, noted that this is not entirely true. The new Russian fighter really has similarities with the F-16, but at the same time the South American fighter repeats exterior features an experienced fighter Mikoyan E-8, which came into existence in fact 15 years

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In German encyclopedia made friendship with Bykov

About Bykov writer zahodneberlinski writer and pacifist Hrystaf Hoybner first time vyznat 33 years, recently own first trip to the then Soviet Union.Hoybner: "At first, I read his book" obelisks. "I bought it for review. Our group, which consisted of young pacifists zahodneberlinskih uttered that in Minsk, in the House of Writers for us will be met with the writer Vasil Bykov. About him then nobody of us knew. Now I’m in this hard to believe, as in the fact that such a meeting could take place at the Russian authorities, and not in the days of the young-independent Belarus.

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Poland could derail EU summit

Currently in the EU voting system, which is called the "system of Nice" and implies that half Germany Poland has only a half times less votes in the Council of the European Union. New offer radically changed the situation in favor of the greatest states united Europe, allowing more of them to block the decision-making in the European Union."It can not be so that the voice of the 1st EU citizen was almost twice stronger than the voice of another citizen. We can not agree to it and offer to make so that the voices of all people united Europe

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Who finds that in urban basket?

My first interviewee — man of a certain age who dacledue Filter Baskets one near schools and kindergartens.Vasily: "eat a little looking. Cutlets which may or something such … And so I need nothing more. And money is not necessary."Reporter: "And which can be another look? "Vasily: "Nothing more. For cattle also seek out food … I am a disabled young people … Well, I come in a simple, no see … Houseswhat to do. Do not work anywhere … I would go here and there to found a job, worked would sit at home bored. "Reporter: "Among those who

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Do dare waste disposal problem?

Most of the debris to be closed Olga Kandratseva lives in personal sector Minsk near the dump. Typically, local authorities determine places for hard waste landfill. But the inhabitants of the personal sector formed spontaneous smetenik."We live in the trash, we live in the garbage. 14 years I’m standing on line to get out of here. Earlier, when Russian authorities did not even take place on this crook I somehow managed, there is no one else worth not counting me. strolls in This year to the executive committee. There they say: before you even 300 people. And we have a

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