Drown their opponents in their blood

"Star" in 1927 in connection with the murder of Russian diplomats in Warsaw Voykova writes: "Workers and employees 1st dyarzhdrukarni express deepest indignation and resolute protest against brash antics mercenaries international capitalism … We know that does not suit the worker-peasant government to succumb to fascist provocation. But the patience of the broad masses of workers and peasants can come to an end. Lead the army is ready to protect the world’s only worker-peasant republic. "Under the heading "Drown opponents in their own blood" "Proletarians of Vitebsk" in 1937 he reported: "Yesterday at Vitebsk enterprises, steel road, crowded parts of

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A.Slizhevski and sanctions in the European Union went

"You understand, then, that these sanctions established does not impact on my life. ‘Cause I’m flegmantichno to this."Correspondent "What a holiday in Europe do not want to go? Either in neighboring Lithuania on shopping?""I was in Europe in this period." Correspondent"Breaking the sanctions?""Officially, officially! You can find on the Web and read the message. This is not a topic that should now read". Indeed, the head of the Department of Justice Oleg Slizhevsky, figuruyuchy in the list of officials who are subject to visa sanctions the EU and the U.S. in March 2007 was in Vienna as part of the

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Now another anniversary of the War of 1812

French Embassy in Minsk on June 12 no special events are planned. This diplomatic, consular employee says Angelica Beetle:"No,what now not planned. Usually at the end of October — early November, when, and was actually crossing the Berezina, every year we go there. There are carried out mass productions, remember when the historical clearance time, with the laying of wreaths, etc. And it usually has been held. "According to historian Alexei Khadika, unlike of, on the Belarusian lands were expecting the arrival of Bonaparte with certain expectations: "There was a project to restore ON that Napoleon specially promoted to enlist

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Small entrepreneurs against mass inspections and fines

From this moment about four businessmen Rechitsy lost their jobs in the market "Slavic". Authorities violated the agreement and began premature reconstruction areas. Only after going to the local administration traders they were allocated the newest platform. But the problems did not end, says activist Rechitsky Oleg Shabetnik: "And 8 am and here we have a little rally will not. Indeed, apart from the fact, there are huge problems with the Internal Revenue Service. A few people here have arrested a product, and then will Tribunal. A tribunal gives a penalty of up to 50 baselines and confiscation of the

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Why Belarusian law does not protect animals from human?

39-year-old inhabitant of the village shower Kopyl district killed the dog with a truncheon and hung it on the tree. Police filed criminal case, suspect threatens fines or arrest for six months or even imprisonment for up to 2 years. Instructor Kennel Club Marina Myadvetskaya agree what you need put in jail people who kill and sneer with the animal. But you must start with the respective education kids, she said. "Look here, how many pigeons strolling crippled without legs or with legs tangled thread. This kids do. How hang kittens, their eyes gouged out. In time Samples director raised

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Why the opposition again going outside Belarus?

Anatoly Lebedko — One of the co-chairs of the Political Council of 4 united democratic forces, states that hold the conference in Belarus is rather difficult. He gives this explanation gathering in Vilnius: "Where is cheaper, and where some costs — it is not always determined only by the price of tickets. Vilnius for the coming all regional centers of Belarus. Well and money it does not exceed the rate of ordinary expenses. Humans have a visa … This — not Rio de Janeiro. And based on beliefs of security, a frank and open discussion anything close in Belarus will

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Night Siege of June 11

On forums portal Tut.by discussions are statements of Alexander Lukashenko during the presentation of the new manager of the Minsk region Leonid Krupets. Namely word about that the Belarusian economy has recovered from the oil and gas crisis in relations with Russia, the need to sell more products than to import, so there was no economic collapse and the threat of monetary default. Comments:"Apparently, the urgent need to take out a loan for 20 million. In next year looking bottles, and all at once will return ";"So late, in Belarusian rubles, allegedly, do not give."The community discussions are minsk_by action

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Tygodnik powszechny: Kremlin dominates Belarusian opposition

"Tygodnik powszechny" writes afterdny Congress Democratic Forces "Was a demonstration of the power of the opposition parties, who put on Russia and that puts our homeland", and he eventually became the defeat of pro-European movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich."It gives the Kremlin for maneuver in an interview with Lukashenko and provides Russian interests in the case, if reached a political turning point … Our homeland comes, democratic West retreats. Could even say that the West has permitted himself an adherent to beat pro-Russian course, which brought before separation Belarusian opposition actually in two parts: one is rallying around favorites political parties,

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Tuesday at Freedom

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon. 6:30 * replay of the webcast from 19.00 Mon. 07.00 Morning F* In Vilnius rally representatives of the Belarusian democratic forces. Why abroad again? * Live — Karnyayaenkam conversation with Victor, one of the organizers of the "Freedom Movement" * How to squeeze the health services of business assets * day Russian and Belarusian context Evening18:00* Information block: Announcement of Belarus and the world * 18:30 Liberty Travel — Jesuit church, barrow memory uprising Kalinowski, where Yang visited Chechot — the passing notes Dmitry Bartosik from the village area Crankshaft

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Created by the organizing committee in helping the victims of political repressions

As said "Freedom," a member of the organizing committee, a human rights activist Igor Rynkevich, the idea of the Public Commission was approved by Congress Democratic Forces, which took place on 26-27 May. Its activities will focus on the restoration of rights, compensation for moral and material damage to the affected people. Participants of the session timed his initiative for the Council Human Rights UN, which opened today in Geneva. According Rinkevich, there will be sound and the Belarusian issue. About the special session of the organizing committee decided statement referred to about the need for "appropriate action" civilian society,

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