Night Siege — 21 May

Hi,On forums portal Discussions are visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Comments:"Lukashenka has friends — marginal";"It’s amazing that there is discussed the question of Iran’s uranium enriched";"In Minsk, the bank will be created with one hundred percent Iranian capital" — this idyll will last a long time? ";"Well, where are these tankers (oil) on Svislochi? Hurry to come";"So far from meeting with the president of Iran, we got the assembly shop" Samandov. "Do not be surprised if we get later increase import duties on cars";"Meetings Lukashenko lead to international isolation, and nothing else is given."In Network Blog Constantine Kozel

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Status delegates from VIP-persons receive only political prisoners

Together in the list of possible delegates from among the VIP-persons was 273 families. Of these 28 political prisoners, 55 deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation, in 1996, put their signatures to impeach Alexander Lukashenko and 190 other recognizable people.Two positions — so civilian head of the United Party Anatol Lyabedzka believes that the list should include only really well-known all over the country of the person (for example, Neil Gilevich Vasily Starovoytov or Radim Gorki). A list of over for two people, in his opinion, only discredits the idea:"With all due respect to people who are

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Last Hours of Freedom: Guest — music producer Vitaly Supranovich

Results of the first visit of a day or the Iranian president in Belarus. Guest "Night of Freedom" — participant of the program "In what I believe" music producer Vitaly Supranovich. Topic of conversation — the prospects of Belarusian rock music and new music projects. In research papers — ladies spend on the Web 30 percent more time than men — why? People they say, what they first useful and fascinating website. Ukrainian artists from the creative initiative "from the stool to the ocean" decided to shoot a documentary film about Belarus. Siege Belarusian web, in "record" Alexander Pamidorau —

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Gomel oppositionist — unprofitable contract

Sovereign Poplavnoi works in a factory mechanic instrumentalshchykam sixth discharge more than 3 years. How cool specials, he worked on the basis of a lifetime.Director Alexander Ksendzov and his deputy on ideology, training and life Alexander Minsker rejected suggestions of representatives of the Belarusian trade union of radio industry which member Anatoly Poplavnoi is.Union members asked to see the controversial clauses. Namely, the activist refused to extend the term of the contract, and after a year the management can get rid of Poplavnoi so zakochylasya labor agreement.Sovereign Poplavnoi changed the conditions of remuneration. At the moment, his salary will depend

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6 misconceptions about weight loss

How many excuses we find myself not to get involved in the fight against obesity, "I am full, because I have a" bad "heredity", "After thirty useless to lose weight", "I do not have enough willpower to sustain a diet." Moreover, we do strongly believe in it and will put up with overweight and far from ideal figure. And it is in vain!

Dispel the popular misconceptions about losing weight, we have asked the doctor of medical sciences, the author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist

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Fined 2-applicants Chernobyl Way

They accused the protesters during a demonstration on April 26 some time out into the street Surganova. The applicants pleaded not guilty. In court, they stated that the police provoked the people to violate public order.Case Valentina Polevikova considered referee Lyudmila Sebastian. It heard testimony from witnesses and looked coupled with present operational videotape made during the "Chernobyl Way".Valentine Palevikova was at the end of the column of demonstrators, according to the agreement between the applicants and the organizers of the action. She did not get on video.Her colleague Alexander Dobrovolsky, who was on trial, he remembered, as previously acquitted

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Grodno region: about forty mechanics refused to go to work

The conflict started because he lost his job worker Ivan Graham. In Ivano Graham five kids, he views on mechanics, a good worker, does not drink vodka and other often requested wage increases. Frame for this farm chairman Vladislav hand with him and pakvitavsya.Now the village came Varniany vice-chairman Ostrovetsky sovereign Svila executive committee, the district police chief and several men in civilian clothes.First, the mechanics asked to start work, and later began to threaten that can dismiss all the discontented. Machine operators would not listen to the bosses and went a day or after work.In their opinion, the chairman

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F.Aksentsav: I failed to preserve inner freedom, and therefore left

"Rusted Days":Znatkevich: "When you started with the" Ulysses "when you wrote these texts, you made them immediately with the idea of a song, the melody, the rhythm — or they were created separately, first?"Aksentsav: "All the songs began with a musical theme, the most — those Slavin as music — art, in general, more abstract for poetry, and it was a very natural way — start the song out of tune."Znatkevich: "In other words, you first listened to some theme music, and later on her own text already done?"Aksentsav: "It was a little difficult at first appeared as topics that

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Belarus to Iran — more a friend than a partner

Tumazh Tabaz believes that Iran does not need any special economic benefits of cooperation with Belarus. Tabaz "Iran finds itself for partners everywhere — it can be either Venesuela Belarus, China, or our homeland. Iran wants to prove that he has friends that he is not alone in the world. Though what is now a partner in at least some part of the world is important for Iran since he lost friends and partners, who foundReferring next door, also in Europe and America. Iran’s closest friend is someone who has the same prepyadstviya like him. Iran is the birthplace of

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Mogilev: 150 signatures against repeal of benefits

Mogilev Organizing Committee Chairman Igor Kovalenko said, "Freedom", which collected signatures sent to Minsk in House of Representatives Vladimir Kapaplevu also in Mogilev district.Initiators of the action offer Mogilev city council deputies to join petition.

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